Do these prices include shipping charges?

Yes and no!  Confused?  Here's the scoop.  We offer FREE SHIPPING to shipping addresses within the US.  So you don't need to worry about shipping if you are ordering and shipping within the United States.  Unfortunately shipping costs are higher for International orders and therefore shipping costs vary depending on what country we are shipping to.   Since shipping varies - depending on where we’re zipping your MK METAL PRINTS off to for you - the prices shown reflect the base cost, before those are figured in. Upon checkout, your shipping charges for International orders will be calculated and shown on your total invoice.

How long will it take to receive my MK METAL PRINTS?

This can vary a tiny bit, depending on how many you’ve ordered. We definitely want to get them to you ASAP, so once you hit the “go” button, we’re all over it! A safe bet would be guesstimating somewhere right between 1 and 2 weeks.

Can you tell me what exactly a metal print is?

Our wacky scientists back in the lab technically call these “dye-infused sublimation aluminum prints.” Essentially what that means is that high-quality dyes are infused into an extra-special coated sheet of aluminum. This produces a super long-lasting metal print that’s bursting with vibrant colors. Sexy, huh? Yeah, we know.

Wait a second… you said long-lasting. How long are you talkin’ here?

With an MK METAL PRINT? We’re talking GENERATIONS here, people! Keep your prints inside and out of direct sunlight, and you’ll get a good 100+ years out of these. Also adding to the lifespan of MK METAL PRINTS are two other key bonuses: they’re waterproof (underwater art exhibit, anyone?) and the über-durable coating makes them virtually scratch proof. Usually scared to hang your photos in the kitchen or bathroom? Never again.

How are payments processed?

Nearly everything we do is via Paypal, through which you can transfer funds or make your purchase with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Never used PayPal before? No worries . . . it’s not at all necessary to signup for an account in order to submit a payment. Personal checks can also be accommodated but, due to snail-mail service speed and bank processing time, be aware that this can delay your order by a week or more.  Please contact us beforehand if paying by check.

How will my prints be shipped to me?

All MK METAL PRINTS ship from our print vendor [via UPS] in a box or crate- depending on the size and quantity. We know you’ll be excited to receive your prints (we are every time, too!), so we’ll make sure to get you a UPS tracking number. That way you can follow the shipping progress as they make their way home to you.

Do you have a refund process?

Because of the process involved in creating MK METAL PRINTS, all sales are final. However, if your order somehow arrives damaged (which is rarely ever the case), we will certainly replace it for you immediately.  If your print arrives damaged please contact us and we'll work with you to ship out a new one.

How do you go about printing on the metal like this?

One of the coolest things about MK METAL PRINTS is that the images are NOT printed onto the metal. First, the image is printed with special dyes onto a high-tech contact sheet or transfer paper. Then pressure and high heat are used to infuse the transfer paper right into the aluminum. Beauty, archival-quality and durability all wrapped in one. It really is pretty incredible . . . and what a unique conversation-starter you’ll have hanging on your wall!

But they look SO good. How is this possible?

Why, thank you! We agree 100% and, when it comes down to it, it’s simply because MK METAL PRINTS are just so completely different from any other type of traditional paper prints. The brilliant, multi-dimensional effect these get is achieved by layering. There is no simple “printing-an-image-on-a-surface” nonsense going on here. The dyes being infused into the translucent coating create actual depth within the image- making the gloss finish appear as though it were back-lit. You will simply be amazed at the look and quality . . . and your MK METAL PRINTS will instantly grab any visitor’s eye.  We've had many customers comment that they look HD.

Is there more than one finish option available?

For YOU? Oh, but of course! We offer two, actually: white gloss and white matte. White gloss is the most dramatic and offers a beautiful glow sometimes mistaken for being back-lit. If you want rich vibrant colors, then this is the finish for you. White matte is great when surface reflection might be an issue. It provides a rich, smooth satin finish that is a bit more subtle than the white gloss. Either are beautiful but if you plan to display in an area where surface reflections may be an issue, then go with the white matte. There are also two additional finishes that we may offer at some point on certain images: silver gloss and silver matte.


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