What people think of MK METAL PRINTS

Matt Koenig is an amazing photographer who I have used for many different events.  Recently our organization moved into a new facility and we wanted some pictures to hang on our walls that would remind us of our values and our mission.  I decided to order a metal print from MK METAL PRINTS and I am blown awayI have never seen a picture come to life like this before and it is no doubt a combination of Matt’s skill set and how the metal print reflects that!  INCREDIBLE!

Superb attention to detail, lush colors, impeccable quality, a skilled eye for the finest artistic presentation of his subject matter and excellent customer service are what impress me as a satisfied client of MK METAL PRINTS.

When I saw a beach photograph Matt had taken in Bali I knew I had to have a print. When I called Matt to order he suggested getting a metal print. I’m not sure I totally understood the process but when in doubt trust the photographer. When it arrived it exceeded my expectations. It was very light, didn’t need a frame and the colors are simply brilliant. When I look at that photo it is like being right on the beach. When people see this photo they are amazed at the clarity and quality. Matt is a very talented photographer and my advice to anyone ordering from him is to trust his recommendations.