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If you’ve never been to Crater Lake then add it to your bucket list.  It’s an incredible site to see.  I took my wife and kids there for the first time and they were just amazed.

Despite Crater Lakes explosive and traumatic history (think mountain tops blowing to kingdom come) it’s now a very serene and tranquil place.  The cool deep blue color of the water is very captivating and peaceful to look at.

Of course getting to the water is a chore since you are looking at it from the rim of a giant caldera.  But you can follow a trail down to the docks and take the Crater Lake boat tour.

While my family and I were enjoying the view of the water I noticed one of the tour boats cutting across the smoothness of the lake.  It left an expanding wake in it’s path which I thought made an interesting image.

This one is for those who are looking for tranquility on their wall.  It’s simplicity and deep blue color offers up a sense of peace.  It’s Crater Lake but really could be anywhere.

If you are looking to cut through stress or just love the color blue, pick this one up on metal today.


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