Fern Ridge Golden Sunset



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“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” ~ Bern Williams

Let me tell you a story about the most incredible sunset I’ve ever seen.  I was in Bali with my wife and we were at our hotel in Kuta preparing to head down to the beach and enjoy the sunset.  It looked like it was going to be a good one.

“Don’t you want to take your camera?” prodded my wife.

“Not this time.  We’re in Bali for 2 weeks and there will be plenty of sunsets” said I.  And I left my camera and tripod in the hotel room.

It turned out to be the most incredible sunset I had ever seen.  It’s still burned into my memory, the colors and tones saturating memory neurons permanently.  And there I was without my camera.

And of course for the rest of our 2 weeks in Bali we never experienced another sunset of that caliber.

But maybe it was meant to be that way.  Maybe some sunsets are so personal that they are better remembered inside our minds and not shared with others.

Not this Fern Ridge golden sunset though.  This one was definitely meant to be shared with you.

The golden tones of the sunset this evening were incredible.  It was as if King Midas had cast his hand across the sky and down into the wetlands we were standing in.

It was a beautiful moment and I’m happy that I had my camera on this day so I can share this stunning metal print with you.


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