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Even the boldest zebra fears the hungry lion ~ Unknown

We had been driving through the jungle for hours, our GPS batteries having died hours before.  We were lost and in deep trouble.  The jungle seemed to close in on us as our jeep lurched and finally coughed on the last dry fumes of the fuel tank.  Suddenly a zebra appeared…

Actually we were driving through Taman Safari in Bogor Indonesia, a park where you come literally within touching distance of many incredible animals.

At the entrance to the park we noticed many people selling bunches of carrots.  I wondered why so many people were selling carrots along the road.  Were carrots just really popular?  Was there a bumper crop of carrots and everyone was trying to get rid of them?  We drove by without purchasing any carrots because why would we need carrots.

Then we got to the zebras.  Now these were not ordinary zebras like you see on TV or in the pages of National Geographic.  No, these were naughty zebras.  Naughty and hungry.  Hungry for guess what?

Yup!  You guessed correctly.  CARROTS!!

This particular zebra was the King of Naughty.  When he realized that we were denying him his right to free carrots he decided to nibble on our car.  He immediately went for the window deflectors violently gripping one between his unbrushed and unflossed teeth.  And he almost got it too before we quickly drove out of his reach.

But little did he know we got a picture of him in the act.

If a naughty and hungry zebra is the kind of adventure you would enjoy then this metal print would look awesome on your wall.

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