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Let’s face it.  We’ve all had the tropical fantasy of relaxing at the beach while some tanned local serves drinks and keeps the sun at bay with giant palm fronds.

Close your eyes.  Can you hear the ocean surf lapping at your feet? Can you feel the cool ocean breeze and smell the salty air?

Of course not!

You’re probably stuck in a cubicle somewhere surfing travel sites and came across this tropical scene.

Well, if you can’t go to the beach then bring the beach to you.

This photo literally jumps off your wall and takes you to the beach each and every day.  It’s like your personal ocean side chauffeur ready to transport you to the tropics where you’ll relax and enjoy exotic drinks.

I was enjoying my own little tropical escape when I took this photo in January of 2013 at a place called Pandawa Beach in Bali Indonesia.  It’s also known as “Secret Beach”.

The two boys in the photo are my sons.  We spent a few hours exploring the sandy beach and the crashing waves.  The water was a mix of blues, greens and turquoises with a leading edge of foamy white that came rushing up at us.  The water was warm like a comforting bath.

Believe me when I tell you I didn’t think twice about the cubicle I had escaped from.  And while I’ve captured a beautiful scene it’s more than that to me.  It’s priceless memories.

What I love about this photo beyond the sky and amazing water is my two boys standing together looking out at the ocean.  Usually they are fighting with each other.

Customers that have bought this image comment on how it just pops off their wall and how they love that it tells a story.  If you’re looking for your own tropical escape or just a conversation starter to hang on your wall then this image of Pandawa beach Bali Indonesia is for you.

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