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Do you know what psittacines are?  I didn’t either.

It’s another name for parrots.  Now we know why we call them parrots.

There are around 372 species of parrots which include ‘true’ parrots (Psittacoidea), cockatoos (Cacatuoidea) and New Zealand parrots (Strigopoidea).

OK, enough with the hard to pronounce scientific names.  Let’s enjoy the beauty of this parrot.

I took this at the Taman Safari park in Bogor Indonesia.  I am truly amazed at this bird.

Look at the rich saturated colors of it’s feathers and the detail in them.  It’s really incredible.

This particular parrot was a real rock star.  He loved posing for the camera.  Look how he ruffled his feathers a bit, not to say;

‘Hey, clear out pal!”

but just enough to say;

“Hey, take a look at me.”

That is the sign of a true professional.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work a deal for signed prints (his agent was one tough cookie!)  But you can still buy this metal print for your home or office and it looks amazing, signed or not.

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