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Summer is my favorite season.  Well, in fact all seasons are my favorite but for very different reasons.

With summer I know that I can get my fill of fresh local produce.  One of my favorites is the raspberry.

Now the raspberry has gotten a bad rap.  How often have you heard the term “blowing a raspberry” to denote a gesture of disrespect?

But there is nothing disrespectful about raspberries.

Every summer we head out and pick buckets of fresh tasty raspberries.  Honestly, we can’t get enough of them.

Of course while picking them my kids eat more than they get in the bucket.  Thankfully they don’t weigh my kids before and after so we make out pretty well.

Have you ever looked at a raspberry?  I mean REALLY looked at a raspberry.  They are comprised of what looks like lots of tiny single berries called drupelets.

In this image I tried to capture the intimate sexy nature of the raspberry with this tight macro shot.

Personally I think this would look awesome in the kitchen but of course you are free to hang it wherever you desire.

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